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Questions asked in interviews and their objectives

In interview, he was asked to speak about himself. He could not do. He was asked that in which type of job he was interested. He said ‘anything’. This was not the correct answer and this was not the way to answer. One should know the type of questions and their objectives which may be asked and prepare accordingly. In an interview I was asked to tell about Moughal Period. The interview was for engineering job and history question was very much out of place. It annoyed me. I could not control my feelings. And you can guess the result. I was not selected. When I told it to my guide he laughed and said that ‘the question was just to know your communication skill and behavior, and they got to know it’.

It is very important to understand the question and understand its objective. If you know the correct answer then reply, if no then reply approximate and if not possible then feel sorry and request him for next question.


Here are some sample questions and their objectives.

Question: Please tell about yourself.
Objective: To start the discussion. To make you easy.

Question: If you don’t know something then how will get the answer? How will you search info?
Objective: To understand your search and research ability.

Question: How will you manage given data or information?
Objective: To understand your computer skills, data management skills.

Question: How does one open a bank account and does he operate it?
Objective: To understand your process or procedure understanding and operational ability.

Question: If your Computer or any other machine like Phone or Fax is giving problems then what will you do?
Objective: To understand your machine handling ability.

Question: How will you explain any problem to your boss or senior?
Objective: To understand your communication and reporting ablility.

Question: How do your plan and organize your daily activities?
Objective: To understand your planning and organizing abilities.

Question: If you are not able to do any work in office or solve any problem then from whom and how will you request help?
Objective: To understand Interpersonal skills.

Question: Where do you see your career in next 5 years?
Objective: To understand your potential for future professional growth.

Question: What is your salary expectation?
Objective: To understand your financial needs.

We should understand these questions or similar other questions and their objectives. We should preapre accordingly. Frame questions according to company, designation, job etc. and  prepare accordingly. This will help you. You will feel more relaxed at the time of interview. You will feel more confident.

And believe me, many times, questions are not asked to get answers, but to understand your likes-dislikes, behavior, skills and abilities. So focus on objectives.

Next time we will discuss something more to improve your Employability.

Dr. Arun Mishra

Director, Excel College of Higher Education

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