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Nowadays it is a big issue related to employment. Today employment thinkers believe that young people are not getting jobs because they are not employable. They lack employability skills. Being educated is good but not enough. Degree is necessary but not enough. Candidate should have employability skills too.

Let us discuss the very first ability required. It is speaking or talking ability i.e. speaking correctly, speaking to the point. One should know what to talk, whom to talk and how much to talk. Speaking or interaction skills are needed nowadays. It is called ‘verbal communication skills’. Similarly one should be good in written communication skills too. People with good communication skills have been very successful. BPO and call center companies require candidates with good communication skills. Other companies and offices also consider it very useful skill. I remember, Manoj (name changed) on the engineering degree could not find a good job because he was weak in verbal communication. Companies thought that he may not be able to understand instructions of his seniors and may not be able to explain same to his juniors. He may be able to  report back the results to his seniors too. This argument of company gets more strength in case of MNC or large companies where employees are from different countries. This was explained to Manoj by his career counselor. Manoj understood and improved his communication skills. And it worked out. Today he is in good company.


Another skill mostly required for Employability is teamwork. Some people do the  job better when they are alone, but can not do same way when they work in a team. e.g. Sanjana sings solo songs better but not in the group. Likewise Rajiv may prepare good reports alone but not in the group. In contrast, many people work  better in a team or group. They discuss things with elders and youngsters in the team, generate ideas and  work better to give good results. This type of work culture and teamwork is required.  It is very important for getting and doing a job.

Another very common skill required for employability is planning and organizing. If not much at least minimum. One should know to plan and organize his work correctly. It is also important skill. Let me say that almost everyone has this skill. e.g. one plans to meet his friend, buys flowers to present as a gift, talks sweetly and becomes successful. Similarly one may plan, organize and execute his other work, more formally in his office. If you can plan and organize your acts then you have this skill and you are a need to the company. If you don’t have it then better learn it, it is required nowadays.

There are many other things. We shall discuss some more skills next time to improve our Employability.

Dr. Arun Mishra

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