After Graduation ?

Confusion: (Specially for 21+):

Most of students graduate at age 20-21. After graduation they are confused whether they should (1) do further higher studies like MBA, M.A, M.Sc, M.Com, M.Tech, MCA, P.G Diploma or (2) do job or (3) do both. 20% students decide that they will go for higher studies. Another 20% decide for job. Remaining 60% are confused.


Don’t be confused. Take firm decision. If studies then be careful. Be sure that you are willing for it and you need it. Don’t do MBA or any other master degree, just because your friends are doing it or everyone is doing it.  There are colleges who will call you with invitation or admission letter and say that you do MBA through them because they are expert in it. And their fees is just Rs. 5 lakh. Be sure that you are really interested to do it and it you really need it. Otherwise you will be loosing your parent’s hard earned money to these commercial professional colleges. Also be sure that you develop required knowledge and skills in your higher studies. There are thousands of MBA graduates who can hardly write an official letter. These are called over qualified because they don’t have knowledge and skills according to their degree. Such over qualified people find it most difficult to get jobs. So be sure that you learn and develop skills in higher studies.

If you decide for job then also decide whether Govt Job, or Pvt Job or Self Employment. Also decide the preferred field of your work like administration, marketing, operation, logistics, technical, maintenance … etc. Once you decide the area then you develop knowledge and skills in that area. e.g. if you decide logistics then study about it, develop required skills about it. Thereafter apply to companies in such area or contact them directly. If you apply to 100 companies then you will get response from 1. If you apply to 1000 companies then you will get response from 10.  So be conident and start applying to companies. You have internet, you have Google, you gave other resources, ….. and so start applying now.

You will get SUCCESS. Sure.


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