Make your realtionship, your first priority

Forget, your worries

Forget, what others may talk

Care the one, who loves you

Hold the one, with whom you walk

Love your Love

Make your loved one your first priority

There may be hundreds of tasks, hundreds things-to-do, hundreds of worries. You should attend them too. But there will be few which will attract priority. It is difficult to decide that who should get priority. I always say that relations should get first priority. e.g. if you are reading newspaper and you get a call from your daughter then priority should be attending the call. Often business gets top priority for a businessman. Office work gets higher priority at office time. This seems to be logical too. When you are with family then give priority to family, avoid other things or assign them lower priority. Many people switch off their phones when they are with their loved ones. It is needed for healthy smooth relationship. Your loved one can be your wife, daughter, son, husband, mother, father, brother, sister, friend, spouse or any other person. And always remember that Happiness Mantra is –

‘Make your loved one your first priority’.