सुखी कैसे रहें

Despite a recent pickup in the job market and increase in salary levels, stress levels in India Inc are mounting as the performance standard is getting tougher and expectation higher. There is also constant pressure to scale up or move out. This, along with high standard of living, is leading to more burnouts than ever before, say counsellors.

So the question is How to be Happy.

सुखी कैसे रहें. 

सादा जीवन ही आपको आजीवन सुखी रखेगा.

Standard of Living अच्छी बात है, पर उस के चक्कर में इतना भी न पड़िए कि वो जीवन पर बोझ हो जाए.

जीवन जितना सादा होगा आप उतना सुखी रहेंगे – अरुण.



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