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सफलता का मंत्र – रुको नहीं, काम पूरा करो

एक बार काम शुरू करो तो उसमे लगे रहो. बहुत जरुरी है. आशीष ने बताया कि कई बार करते करते वह बोर हो गया या थक गया और आगे का काम छोड़ दिया. प्रोजेक्ट

Interior Design

Is Interior Design a good professional career ? Yes. It is good career oriented profession. Who needs Interior Designing ? It is needed by almost everyone. Individual House or Bungalow Apartment or Flat Corporate Office

दुनिया इज्जत करेगी

आज के युवा को काम मांगने में शर्म आती है. कैसी शर्म भाई काम मांगना, भीख मांगने से बेहतर है. काम खुद चल कर नहीं आएगा. आप चलो, आगे बढ़ो और पकड़ लो. काम

IBPS Banking Jobs

IBPS Recruitment IBPS stands as Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. This is the organization which conducts the exam for recruitment in the Nineteen Banks, IBPS conducts CWE it is called Common Written Examination after

कैसे बना शिक्षक ?

इंजीनियरिंग करने के बाद एक छोटी से नौकरी कर रहा था. Software programmer था । एक दिन हेगड़े साहब ऑफिस आए । बात बात में बोले – अरे अरुण, तुमने तो Pascal programming पढ़ा

I don’t have 50% in PCM. How can I become Engineer ?

You CAN.  Let us accept that according to marks percentage, it is case of  an average student. And as a counsellor I understand that you wish to become Engineer. There is nothing wrong in


Paramedics are the key players in the Health & Medical Sector. Without paramedics, the entire Health Industry is out of gear and is almost non-functionary. A Paramedic is a Professional who helps the Doctors

B.A, B.Com, B.Sc graduate and Success

Myth – People with B.A or B.Com or B.Sc degree have less chance of good job. Fact – People with  B.A or B.Com or B.Sc degree have maximum chance of good job. Almost every organization in

हम सब साथ साथ बढ़ेंगे

दर्शन : समूह में शक्ति है । संदेश : सकारात्मक समूह बनाइए । सृजनात्मक समूह बनाइए । रचनात्मक समूह बनाइए । जीवन में आगे बढ़िए । एक मुलाकात : हम सब साथ साथ बढ़ेंगे

Job + Study = Growth

Job gives experience. You develops skills. Experience and skills are very important for career growth. Job may be your NEED. Everyone requires money. Everyone has to manage family and other expenses. And so Job