Be Self Employed : Be Entrepreneur


YES, You can become Entrepreneur.

1. Select your product or service 

2. Discuss legalities, govt permissions required

3. Select your to-be-work-area and to-be-market-area

4. Plan feasible budget of your business like you wish to do business within Rs. 1 Lakh or 5 Lakh or 10 Lakh or ….. Your sources of your financial budget (1) self (2) family, friends and relatives (3) banks and financial institutions (4) donors 

5. Plan Infrastructure required (since you know your budget, try to be within its limits)

6. Plan Technical requirements

7. Plan HR or Manpower requirements

8. Once you have planned all above points, discuss feasibility. Discuss with your family, friends, seniors, professors, experts … and discuss with yourself.

9. Discuss and develop minimum required business skills that one needs to be a successful entrepreneur.

10. Success Mantra : I always believe, “if you have customers, you will be successful”. Focus should be customers. From day one. And you will win.