What should I do after completing my engineering degree

Really this is Life size BIG question ! But you can make it simple. Follow given process.

Write Down Your Profile

  • Personal Needs : specially financial needs
  • Family Needs, if family is dependent : specially financial needs
  • Hobbies : e.g. Photography, Football, …
  • Strength : e.g. Technical Strength, Non Technical Strength like managerial strength, event organization strength …
  • Weakness : e.g. Less tolerance, Emotional, Physically weak …
  • Likes and dislikes : e.g. I like creativity, I like Army, I dislike politics ….
  • Future Dream : e.g. Bungalow,  Car, Status …
  • Long Term Career Vision : e.g. CEO of technical company, Technical Leader …
  • Life Vision : e.g. Happy grand united family living peacefully, Most respected person in the City …
  • Other similar things which you can think


Develop Alternative Solutions 

  • Higher Education
    • Higher Technical Education like M. Tech or M.E or M.S
    • Higher Management Education  like MBA
    • Further study to specialize in area of interest through short term courses
  • JOB
    • Campus Placement
    • Govt jobs in Engineering : prepare for Indian Engineering Services (IES)
    • Govt jobs in Administration : prepare for IAS or other UPSC exams or state level exams like MPSC in Maharashtra
    • Join Defense or Army / Navy / Air Force
    • Top Companies, ‘Navaratna’ companies in Govt, semi Govt or Pvt Sector
    • Private Companies, MNC or Multi National Companies
    • Marine jobs, Job on ships, Airline or aviation jobs or  other jobs, So Explore your job sector.
    • Jobs Abroad
  • Be an Entrepreneur
    • Start your Venture
    • Make a group Joint Venture
    • Start Joint Venture in association with Govt or some other Company
  • Be a change maker
    • Social Service
    • NGO
    • Politics
  • Explore the Artist in you
    • May be that you are good in Arts, Cinema, Entertainment etc.
    • May be that love Writing, Media, Newspaper, Journalism etc.
    • May be that you will like to do something else, So Explore it.
  • Other Options which you can think 

Analyse the feasibility for each selected alternative according to your Profile 

  • Technical Feasibility : e.g. Raj wanted to do M.Tech from IIT but analysed that did not score enough in his B. Tech
  • Resource Feasibility : e.g. Jaya wanted to MBA in Project Management but no college in town was offering it.
  • Financial Feasibility : e.g. Manoj wanted to do M.S from USA but could not manage required funds.

Select best feasible Alternative