Will MBA make me successful ?

This is not true that MBA will always make you successful. There are thousands of candidates, who have done MBA after graduation, but they are not very successful.

So be careful. Know what you want to do and what will make you successful. Be selective. First decide whether you need to do MBA. Then select MBA course which fits your needs and dreams. You can select full time MBA course or you can select distance learning MBA course and study with your job.

Always select MBA course from UGC recognized university. Remember that high fees does not always mean high quality. Facilities may increase a bit but not the syllabus. You will learn same ABCD whether you pay Rs 10 or 10 lakhs. So plan to keep your study expenses minimum, after all it will be through your Dad’s hard earned money.


Here are some useful information of MBA programs.


  • MBA


  • HR, Marketing, Finance, IT, System , Business, IB
  • Construction, Quality, Project, Production, Material
  • Retails, Logistics, Supply Chain, CRM, Operation
  • Aviation, Media, Event Mgt, Real Estate
  • Telecom, Urban Planning, Rural, NGO, Entrepreneurship
  • Inventory, Banking, Hospital, Hotel, Tourism, Hospitality
  • Disaster, Pollution Control, Fashion Merchandising


  • 2 Years (4 Semesters) Medium – English


  • Any Bachelor Degree


  • UGC


  • This program is advised to candidates working in Education, Industries, Businessman or Self Employed

There is always an ever increasing demand for skilled mangers in any organization or any institution in today’s highly competitive world because only such skilled people can tackle the highly demanding situations that organizations faces in the era of liberalization and globalization.

A successful manager should possess a fine blend of qualities such as decision making, conceptual, analytical and interpersonal skills, for making the best possible use for the available resources. MBA programs are focusing on creating leaders and managers equipped with the above mentioned skills. MBA as an education makes one understand the language of business.