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Goals are helpful in setting (a) Focus (b) Direction. Set your goal. If you don’t reach your goal in planned time frame, then re-examine what needs to change and make required changes. Do something

Improve Employability

Questions asked in interviews and their objectives In interview, he was asked to speak about himself. He could not do. He was asked that in which type of job he was interested. He said

About Employability

Employability | Employ Ability | Employment Eligibility Nowadays it is a big issue related to employment. Today employment thinkers believe that young people are not getting jobs because they are not employable. They lack employability

Sharpen your skills. You will get jobs yourself.

Most of candidates believe that they have good skills. This may be true, but partially true. Time is changing. Technologies are changing and new technologies are changing the systems. Earlier a person who was good in reading, writing and speaking was