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सफलता मुझे मिली है

दिल के पास में रहने वाला मित्र Parwaiz बहुत दिनों से नहीं मिला था । कई बार सोचा जाऊं और मिलूं । पास की बिल्डिंग में ही तो है । पर आलस करता रहा


If you are good in communication then Admin, Training, Sales, Management etc. will be good jobs for you. If you are good in machine operations then Workshop jobs will suit you. You may be


Things are changing. You can see new technologies, new processes, new concepts. World is moving fast. And you also need to be on your toes. Learn new Technologies. Learn new methods. procedures, processes required in


STRESS is NORMAL  It happens to everyone. It may happen because of marriage, job, transfer, promotion, retirement, admission, studies, results, success, failure, death or any other positive or negative event. Same event may be


Memory: How do we retain information : We retain / remember – 10% of what we read. 20% of what we hear. 30% of what we see. 50% of what we see and hear.


How we LEARN – 83% through sight – EYES 11% through hearing – EAR 3% through smell – NOSE 2% through touch – SKIN 1% through taste – TOUNGE Use your senses properly and


Mentor : A Mentor is a person who is interested in your success, happiness, well-being, and future and wants to make a contribution. Find someone who can help you. Take advantage of his or

Optimism : आशावाद

Be Optimist – Be Successful आशावादी होइये  – सफल होईये      


Determination Don’t quit, stick with it even in tough times. Believe in yourself. Believe in your mission. Be with it regardless of the odds. Be determined. Have determination. And you will get success. सफलता

सफलता : तपस्या

सफलता तपस्या से मिलती है. कर्म की तपस्या से. कर्म कीजिये. नित्य कर्म कीजिये. वो कर्म कीजिये जिनसे आपका उद्देश्य पूरा हो सके. वो कर्म कीजिये जिनसे आप अपने लक्ष्य की ओर बढ़ सकें. कम